Who we are…

Sofa EspritSofa Esprit

…and what we do

Our company creates answers of needs for hotel, restaurants, ships and business market in the field of interior design.

We offer a lot of furniture to home & contract markets, including exclusive items made strictly according architects drawings. We created a wide range of chairs, armchairs, sofas and tables that fulfil any kind of request.

We work with leading furniture companies and of smaller but interesting in terms of price and design companies, which allow us to prepare attractive offers in terms of quality and design at in attractive and responsible price.

All our online offerings are coming only from domestically factories.

We offer

  • Extensive range of products and their finishes
  • Flexible offers for a wide range of recipients
  • Professionalism and timely deliveries

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Pan Mebel sp. z o.o.

Phone: +48 505 010 995


ul. Kochanowskiego 51/1
80-402 Gdańsk


VAT (eu) PL 9571053359